Awards and Recognition


  • DEED Grant Scholarship award for a student intern


  • SCAQMD Curbside Multifamily Electric Vehicle Charging Grant Awardee
  • SCAQMD Electric Commercial Lawn Mower Awardee


  • Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) Ranked Top 10 Utility Solar Ranking- #7 Annual Watts Per Customers for Colton Electric Utility
  • 2017 Excellence in Public Power Communications Award of Merit in the Print/Digital Category
  • SCAQMD MSRC Local Government Partnership Program Awardee –Purchase Medium and Heavy Duty Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Awarded CalFire Urban and Community Forestry Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) grant to develop the City’s adopted Urban Forest Management Plan


Beacon Spotlight Awards energy savingsReceived 8% Energy Reduction


Beacon Spotlight Awards best practicesGold Award

The Beacon Program is an established program of the Institute for Local Government; a non-profit training and education affiliate of the League of California Cities, the California State Association of Counties and the California Special Districts Association.  

The Beacon Program provides a framework for cities and counties to implement and share best practices that create healthier, more efficient, sustainable communities. The program honors voluntary efforts by cities and counties to save energy reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adopt policies and programs that promote sustainability. 

A Decade of Progress in Advancing Prosperity, Equity and Environmental Quality”. Clean air is a right every human being on this planet deserves even if they are considered a disadvantaged community like ourselves.

2019 Continued

The City of Colton is honored to receive recognition for its ever growing sustainability efforts in reducing the City’s greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and reducing costs. 

Beacon Award Table

  • SCAG (Southern California Association of Government) Sustainability Award Honorable Mention 

Recipients of the 12th annual awards include municipalities, agencies and non-profit organizations throughout the six-county SCAG region. The Sustainability Awards recognize excellence in coordinating land use and transportation to improve mobility, livability, prosperity and sustainability.

The City of Colton for its Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and Customer Incentive Program (Clean Cities – Alternative Fuels and Infrastructure)

  • American Public Power Association (APPA) Smart Energy Provider Designation to Colton Electric Utility

Become a City of Colton

What is a Sustainability Partner?

Colton Sustainability partners are champions of the environment, stewards of efficiency and are committed to the goals of our community. As a partner you show civic pride, a dedication to sustainability and actively seek out incentives that benefit both you and the community at large. We want to celebrate your proactive vision.

How do I become a Sustainability Partner?

Its easy…as a participant in one of our commercial/industrial efficiency incentive programs you automatically become one of our Sustainability Partners, even if you have participated in the past we would love to hear from you and reward you for your decision to make a more sustainable future for our city. What qualifies me as a partner? There are three components where you may participate, and of course we would love to see you take on all three.

Three ways you can Participate:

  1. Energy Efficiency – Equipment upgrades, demand-side management, renewables
  2. Water Conservation – Drought tolerant landscaping, installation of water efficient devices (such as smart irrigation controllers)
  3. Recycling – Participation in the Commercial Recycling Program, innovative implementation of Commercial/Industrial Recycling & Organics program

What happens next?

As a participant we want to celebrate you…and celebrate you in a very public way. “We want it to be known that your business is an environmental steward of the City of Colton”.

Below is a list of ways we make you feel number one in the eyes of the community. We will highlight your business and its Sustainability Partner status in the following ways:

  1. Press releases
  2. Social Media, Facebook/Community Facebook
  3. Local Newspaper
  4. Location signage and plaque
  5. Channel 3/Public Access channel
  6. Presentation in Front of City Council
  7. Chamber of Commerce recognition