Fostering a Cleaner Greener Community

The City of Colton is dedicated to fostering a cleaner, greener, sustainable community through its efforts in energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, water conservation, green building initiatives, and electric vehicle infrastructure.

The residents and businesses of Colton can all participate in the City’s sustainability efforts.

The City of Colton Climate Action Plan (CAP) (PDF) was adopted and approved on November 3, 2015, Resolution No R-119-15.

The CAP presents the Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, identifies the effectiveness of California initiatives to reduce GHG emissions, and identifies local measures that were selected by the City of Colton to reduce GHG emissions under the City’s jurisdictional control to achieve the City’s identified GHG reduction target.

Carbon Footprint

What is your carbon footprint? The City of Colton Sustainability Division offers several programs that will help save energy and water for residents and businesses.

Climate Vulnerability Assessment

CEU partnered with Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability, Pitzer College, out of the W.M. Keck Science Department, to develop a Colton Climate Vulnerability Assessment.

Urban Forest Management Master Plan

The City of Colton’s Urban Forest Management Master Plan is a vision for our urban forest and is a sustainable and resilient mix of healthy trees throughout our public parks, avenues, parkways, arroyos, rivers, and open space. Colton’s trees provide residents and the business community with beauty, shade, comfort, health and economic benefits. Colton’s trees are cared for, valued and protected by the City and its citizens as a treasured community asset.

Energy Conservation

Water Conservation

For more information regarding the City of Colton sustainability please contact Jessica Sutorus, Environmental Conservation Supervisor.

Air Quality

The City of Colton boundaries are within the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Residents can help protect public health by contacting SCAQMD to report excessive odors, smoke, dust, or other air contaminants in the City. Learn more about more on how to file a complaint with SCAQMD.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Program

Recharge Colton is the City’s program to support electric vehicles. We are focused on developing policies and programs to encourage drivers to use electric – or zero emission – vehicles. 

The City of Colton manages its own EV charging stations using the Greenlots Network, a network of charging stations and EV charging applications. Providing opportunities for residents to charge was a priority when selecting locations throughout the City. For a map of all charging stations click here.

Colton Electric Utility has many EV programs and rebates for all our customers. To learn more click here.

Green transportation technologies is making a significant contribution to reducing Colton’s greenhouse gas emissions. The City has invested in expanding its green fleet of electric vehicles (EV) making the commitment to installing electric vehicle charging stations in all City departments with EV’s.

EV Fleet Program

The City of Colton joined The Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative in 2020. This program was launched in Fall 2018 with the help of the Electrification Coalition to leverage the buying power of fleets to make electrification simple, affordable, and accessible. The Collaborative works with over 210 fleets around the nation to highlight those who are transitioning their fleets to electric.

The goal of the Collaborative is to support fleet electrification efforts by providing free and customized technical support and procurement help, as well as helping fleets identify funding for vehicles and charging stations. 

By making commitments through the Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative, the City of Colton is committed to local action on undertaking climate action by electrifying transportation, making infrastructure efficient and growing our economy through investing in the sectors that enable a climate-compatible future. This new committed marks the first of many steps towards furthering the City’s investment in a sustainable future.

Climate Mayors - Committed Fleet

Public Transportation

The City of Colton encourages residents to "Dump the Pump" and use public transportation. Using public transportation reduces vehicle emissions and helps clean Colton’s air. Omnitrans bus stops are conveniently located throughout the City of Colton. Start planning your trip.

Omnitrans ADA Assistance


San Bernardino Regional Energy Partnership (SBREP)

San Bernardino Regional Energy Partnership (SBREP) was formed as a collaboration between San Bernardino Council of Governments (SBCOG) and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas). It is funded by California utility ratepayers and administered by SoCalGas under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). SBREP provides participating local governments in the county the opportunity to be leaders in California’s efforts to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and to lead by example in their communities.  City of Colton is proud to be a participating member of this partnership.

For Rebates and incentives that save gas please visit SoCal Gas website for rebates and incentive programs