Service Providers


Local cable service is provided by the following vendors:

  • Spectrum. Please visit their website or call 1-855-243-8892 for more information. 
  • Frontier. Please visit their website or call 1-866-484-5952 for more information. 
  • Frontier Spanish. For Spanish language page.


As a member of the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA), Colton receives power from a variety of resources, including San Juan Generating Station Unit 3, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, and Hoover Dam. In addition, Colton has a mix of short-term and long-term contracts for purchasing power with the City of Pasadena, Bonneville Power Authority, and Idaho Power.

Gas Company

Gas service is provided by Southern California Gas Company. Please visit their website or call (800) 427-2200 for more information

Refuse / Trash

Refuse and trash service is provided by CR&R. All residential accounts are billed through the City of Colton. Business accounts are billed directly through CR&R at (909) 370-3377. For information/comments regarding trash and recycling issues, please visit their website or call (909) 370-3377.


Local landline telephone service is provided by SBC Phone Service (now joined with AT&T). Please visit their website or call (800) 310-2355.


The city owns, operates, and maintains a wastewater collection, pumping, and treatment system. The wastewater treatment plant also serves the City of Grand Terrace and unincorporated county areas. The plant utilizes a conventional and extended aeration secondary treatment process to produce treated effluent in compliance with the Regional Water Quality Control Board regulations. In addition, a regional tertiary treatment plant serving both the Cities of Colton and San Bernardino treats the effluent from our wastewater treatment plant and returns the water to the Santa Ana River.


Abundant local water supply is one of Colton's greatest assets. The city sits on one of the largest potable aquifers in the State of California; therefore 100% of the city's water come from deep water wells. Colton's existing potable water system facilities consist of 15 wells, five main booster pumping plants, nine water storage reservoirs, two pressure reducing facilities, and over 120 miles of water transmission and distribution pipelines.