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Data Free Copy - Low Income Assistance

  1. Effective From 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2020 These are the income guidelines per number in household:
    Please add your initials to the income box that your household falls into.
  2. Example: 1. John Doe, DOB 1/15/1980, 40 yrs old
  3. Please Read and Select a response to the following statements
  4. (Examples Include: Wages/Salary, Child/Spousal Support, Cal WORKS, Social Security/Disability, Unemployment, Workers Compensation, Retirement Income, Rental Income, etc.)
  5. IMPORTANT: For verification purposes, please attach all forms of proof of income. If someone over the age of 18 does not have proof of income or is not a full-time student, you must submit verification from the unemployment office.
    Proof of income includes; recent pay stubs or a copy of the income tax return. You must show proof of all forms of income listed above.
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  9. For More Information Please Call (909) 370-5518 or Email
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