Time of Use Calendar

The time of use calendar will help guild you to know how to save the most energy and money.


Demand is highest


Demand is moderate


Demand is lowest

Summer Weekdays
Weekends and Weekdays
Winter Weekdays

Summer weekdays

May 25th to Sep. 25th

The highest demand is from noon to 6 pm then 6 pm to 11 pm is the demand is moderate, and finally from 11 pm to 12 pm the demand is the lowest. Off-peak is a great time to run large appliances like the washing machine. 

Weekends and Weekdays

Sep. 26th to May 24th

From 8 am to 9 pm the demand is moderate, from 9 pm the demand is the lowest.

Winter Weekdays

Sep.26th to May 24th

There is no ON-PEAK or MID-PEAK during winter. 

Summer Peak

From May 25th to Sep. 25 peak rates apply. 

Time of Use Calendar