General Purchasing / Legal Information

Minority, Small & Local Business

The city is vitally interested in promoting minority, small, and local businesses. We see local and small businesses as an important part of the competitive bid process, which deserves our encouragement and help. Please let your business status and locale be known when requesting your name be added to our vendor list.

Surplus Bid Opportunities

Periodically, the City of Colton finds that it has surplus personal property not needed for public use or that is obsolete or unfit for the use which it was acquired. Said property shall be offered for sale by public internet auction as authorized by §3.08.150 of the city's Municipal Code, which provides for the sale of surplus personal property of the City under criteria enumerated in that statute and pursuant to the agreement with Public Surplus®. Such auction is to be held continually accessible through the Public Surplus website, and bids shall be accepted for 30 days or at the discretion of the city.

Disclaimers & Legal Requirements

  • Insurance Requirements - All instances in which vendor personnel enter city property to repair, install, service, construct, consult, etc., the city requires a certificate of insurance verifying coverage per city insurance requirements. Whenever insurance is required on a purchase order, the vendor will be supplied with complete requirements for coverage. Contact the Purchasing Department if you need further information on insurance requirements.
  • Gifts and Gratuities - The Purchasing Department maintains a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance by its employees of gifts and/or gratuities from any supplier or potential supplier.
  • Ethics / Standards of Purchasing Practice - The Purchasing Department adheres to the purchasing practices of the California Association of Public Purchasing Officers (CAPPO) and the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.
  • Permits and Licenses - A Business License is required for all vendors doing business with the City of Colton. For more information, call our Business License desk at (909) 370-5522. A copy of your Business License must be submitted for all services performed on City property.

Additional Resources and Sample City of Colton Contracts