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Food Equipment Rebate Application

    • Connectionless Food Steamers - (Rebates to vary by equipment)
    • Air-cooled Ice Machines – (Rebates to vary by equipment)
    In addition to the above rebates, The City of Colton will consider specialized water saving equipment and measures lot listed above on a case by case basis. This includes equipment for indoor and outdoor water savings, repairs and updates as appropriate. Custom rebate amounts will be determined based on efficiency, similar rebates from other water utilities, use calculations and other criteria that could validate and justify the rebate.
    To apply for these rebates please filling out and submit this form.
  4. (As it appears on Utility Bill)
  5. (If Owner only)
    In order to receive the Rebate, ALL information must be completed for each qualifying item.
    To be provided after pre-approval is granted, and the item has been purchased and installed.
  8. Proof of Purchase/Sales Receipt
  9. Authorization*
    By checking I AGREE, I certify that I have read, understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions below and that the information on this rebate form and on the attached supporting documents is accurate and complete. In addition, I certify that the installation of all water efficient upgrades and/or equipment complies with applicable permitting requirements and that any contractor used to perform the work holds the appropriate license.
    • I understand that I must be an active Colton Water Utility customer.
    • Applicant must either be the customer of record with authorization from the property owner for installation or the legal
    • owner of the property within Colton Water Utility service area.
    • I understand that I must submit my completed application for pre-approval prior to purchasing any eligible item(s). Failure
    • to obtain pre-approval may result in a denied application.
    • I will provide, if requested, a Colton Water Utility representative reasonable access to the property to verify the installation
    • of measures.
    • I understand that a rebate will not be paid if I refuse the request for verification.
    • Rebates are on a first come first serve basis, the program will end when all approved funding has been spent.
    • This signed and dated application, copies of proof of purchase and other required supporting documentation must be sent to
    • Colton Water Utility postmarked no later than four months from the date of purchase.
    • I am responsible for filling out the application completely, truthfully and accurately.
    • I understand that Colton Water Utility is not responsible for items lost or destroyed in the mail/transit.
    • Payment of the rebate is conditional that all correct supporting documentation be submitted with the application.
    • We will mail the rebate check for qualifying item(s) within six weeks of receiving the completed application.
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