I got a "Fix-It" ticket, now what do I do?
Most citations for mechanical violations can be handled by the person who was issued the citation simply by correcting the violation. Once corrected, the citation should be taken to the law enforcement agency that issued it, where it will be verified and signed off by an officer. Take the verified citation to the court window to show proof of correction. There may be a court administrative fee charged. In some instances, the verified citation can be mailed to the court, however, it is recommended that you keep a copy of the verification for your records should you choose to correspond via mail. Do not wait until the date on the citation to show proof of correction. This date is in the event you wish to contest it in a courtroom before a judge. Note: There may be a fee charged by the respective agency to complete the ticket sign-off.

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1. I got a "Fix-It" ticket, now what do I do?
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