Measure D

Election Day is Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What is Measure D?

Measure D is a ballot measure on the June 7th Primary election ballot for City of Colton voters ONLY. Measure D seeks voter approval (as required by state law) simply to allow the City to transfer a limited amount of money each year from its Electric Utility Surplus Reserves to the City's General fund, where the money can be used for general services for the community.

 Why is Measure D needed?

Measure D will help the City of Colton to maintain current funding levels

for basic city services like police, fire, 911 emergency paramedics, streets and road maintenance, parks, library and senior services, and recreational activities for our kids. All funds (100%) generated by Measure D will stay IN Colton—FOR Colton.

 Will my taxes or electric rates go up?

NO. Measure D will NOT increase your taxes or electric rates. It simply authorizes the City to transfer a limited amount of money from one fund to another fund, where it can be used for general services for the community.

How do we know the City will manage funds responsibly?

Measure D includes strict fiscal accountability provisions—including Independent Citizen Oversight, mandatory audits, and public reports to the community to ensure fiscal responsibility.

What types of City Services are impacted?

911 Emergency Response (police, fire, emergency paramedics) Fire Protection

Neighborhood Police Patrols

Streets and Park Maintenance Services

Services for Senior Citizens and Disabled Residents

Library and Recreational Programs for Our Community

How long will Measure D last?

If City of Colton voters approve Measure D, it will last for 5 years only—and it cannot be extended further without a new vote of the people.

When Will We Vote on Measure D?

Measure D is on the June 2016 ballot. Absentee ballots for this election will arrive the week of May 9th.

What if Measure D Doesn't Pass?

Without Measure D, the City may be required to reduce current service levels in the near future.

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