Colton Affordable Senior Housing Project

The Villas
A 55 plus Community

Colton's new 120 unit, affordable senior housing complex was completed in February 2014. The new housing complex has a Santa Barbara Mission Style design and features a 2,500 square foot community/administration building, a lap pool with Jacuzzis, 2 two-story, and 2 three-story senior housing buildings consisting of approximately 90,000 square feet. The buildings will contain 40 two-bedroom units and 80 one-bedroom units; collectively, on an approximate 3.4 acres.

The new affordable senior housing complex is located between E Street, F Street, La Cadena Avenue, and 9th Street adjacent to Colton's Downtown Civic Center. For more information, please contact The Villas - A 55+ Community at 909-370-4552 for leasing information or visit The Villas website.

Conceptual Elevations - The Villas, A 55 plus Community

An artistic representation of a large apartment complex

An artistic representation of a large apartment complex